Minecraft SMP Servers and How to Join them?

The popularity of SMP servers in Minecraft is always on the rise. This is mostly due to the efforts of a large number of YouTube creators, including the popular Minecraft YouTuber Dream and his DreamSMP server.

For the benefit of those readers who are not already familiar with Minecraft’s SMP servers, this page will provide all of the pertinent information that is required. This will feature a comprehensive review of Minecraft servers that support the SMP mode, along with instructions on how to join and suggestions on which servers provide the most rewarding experience.

What Exactly Are They?


Survival multiplayer is what’s referred to as SMP. Players may experience the thrill of surviving in a Minecraft world together as part of a community while playing on an SMP server. Players may collaborate on SMP servers to do activities like adventuring, resource gathering, and city building. SMP servers are extremely similar to Minecraft Vanilla Survival in that they have relatively few plugins available. Playing on SMP servers is exciting, and the overall atmosphere is one of a tight-knit group.

How to Join an SMP Server?


There is restricted access to the vast majority of the best Minecraft SMP servers, including DreamSMP, which can be found on YouTube. The rationale for this is very self-explanatory and includes avoiding getting hacked as well as raids and sorrow.

Everyone who plays Minecraft has the opportunity to sign up for and participate in any of the several well-known open Minecraft SMP servers that are currently available. You are free to join them in the same way that you would join any other Minecraft server that is analogous.

You are joining a Minecraft server that supports SMP. To register for any Minecraft SMP server, follow these step-by-step steps.

  1. Launch Minecraft and begin the Minecraft Multiplayer session.
  2. To add a server, click the icon labeled “Add Server.”
  3. Name: Enter “SMP Server”
  4. Enter the Internet protocol address.
  5. Click”Done” to confirm the “Done” Button
  6. Double-clicking on the list will take you through the process of joining the server.

When you join a server for the first time, you should make it a point to study the rules and abide by them. There are also review-based or invite-only SMP servers dedicated to role-playing that players may join. In most cases, these SMP servers come with their own websites, on which visitors may apply to become members. Before you may join, it is possible that you will need to develop a character and a history for them.